Friday, March 7, 2008

'Sex' Cast Reveal Movie Secrets! Careful - Spoilers Ahead!

The four Sex and the City girls have revealed secrets regarding their upcoming movie. "Something major happens that fundamentally changes who Carrie is," Sarah Jessica Parker told interviewers. What happens to Miranda? Well, Cynthia Nixon tells "We are dealing with unfaithfulness, but even more than unfaithfulness, I think we are dealing with the daily grind that can take its toll on a relationship," of her relationship with Steve. If you were wondering what happened at the end of the series finale with Charlotte and Harry's Chinese adoption - "She has her adopted daughter, and she’s an overachiever," says Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte (if you haven't heard, Char gets pregnant in the film). And what of Samantha? She's the one who gets sex on screen, according to Kim Cattrall. To read the full interview, click here. The film opens in the US on May 30 and in Australia on June 6. See below for the film's trailer.

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